• Are You Struggling to Raise A

    Highly Attuned Child?

  • I work with parents whose children are attuned to the subtle aspects of the world, so your child can feel

    connected, valuable and safe.

    I also know that you might have been this child yourself,

    or may be an "indigo adult" even today.

    When people ask who I work with, I think of the story of a girl who is the only person on the planet who can hear...

    This little girl is confused and sometimes frightened because she has no one to help her interpret these special sounds. She cant tell which sounds are safe and which are not. Since others don't hear the sounds they can't help her and even suggest she might be making things up or out of her mind. The little girl struggles so much and is sometimes told she's overreacting or gets in trouble because most adults don't really understand what life is like for her inside.


    Sometimes she thinks hearing is wonderful, like when she hears sweet harmonious sounds. Then she thinks this might be a big gift, but sometimes the sounds are scary. Without help in interpreting things, this ability weighs on her mind and troubles her heart.


    Luckily she finally finds a guide who can also hear and helps her to interpret and understand her experiences. Her guide shows her how her hearing is a big gift rather than something that just hurts her ears and troubles her heart. That's when the little girl finally finds her place in the world and feels like she belongs at last. I understand what it is like for that little girl because the little girl is me.

    This is why I work with parents to help them help their highly attuned children. I’m committed to helping children and adults embrace what I call their "Subtle Sense Awareness" so it can be nourishing and helpful rather than confusing or scary.


    If your child is experiencing the world in different ways from you, it can become a big challenge. They may hear, see, feel or know things you're not tuned into or don't know how to interpret. Without fully understanding their unique gifts this can be an overwhelming or baffling experience for children and for parents. Even some highly attuned parents may be uncertain because their child's gifts come through in different ways from their own.


    Just like some people can see, hear or smell things other don't, some children are unusually aware of very subtle things like energy and emotion. I call this ability Subtle Sense Awareness (SSA), and it can be a source of anxiety and confusion OR of nourishment and wise guidance.


    Often a highly attuned child can feel out of step with others in some important way...


    That sense of loneliness or loss can cause a child to act out or shut down in reaction. There may be an underlying feeling that something is missing without even knowing just what that might be, and they might lose that sense of being a truly valuable, connected person in the world.

    I know that parents are their children's best teachers and advocates, and so I love to help parents learn how to best assist their own highly attuned children as they find understanding for their gifts and learn how to help them be useful in their child's life.

    Many parents are worried for their child, because they don't understand what's happening, or have been taught to be afraid of experiences like their child is having.

    I can help you to better understand what is happening for your precious child, and know better how to help her. We can explore how to help her be comfortable with and true to who she is while staying connected with other children. Just like math genius or special musical talent, this talent also has its challenges and rewards. We'll help your child to embrace her gifts and handle any challenges this capability may bring.

    In some cultures, having Subtle Intellect is seen as a gift and an important signal that this child has a special place in the community.

    This child would be trained to understand his gift so he could help individuals and the society as a whole to thrive in specific, valuable ways.


    It's so important for children to know their way of being in the world is accepted and even embraced, and it can be a wonderful surprise to learn how much subtle sense gifts can enrich a child's life... and enrich your family. Even if everyone in the family doesn't share or even understand this gift initially, each person may be impacted in unique and enriching ways by embracing the perceptions of other members, and the family as a whole can be brought together when every person's unique gifts are valued and allowed to flourish.

  • Many adults have subtle sense gifts too, and may not have anyone to talk with about them. They may sense that there's more to their experiences, long to integrate them more fully into their work and personal life, or struggle with some of the challenges that can come with being highly empathic or intuitive.

    Highly intuitive adults (those with subtle sense gifts or "second sight") may find they are aware of the thoughts, emotional and physical energy of others, as well as other subtle aspects of our world. They may sometimes sense when something is wrong or intuitively know which of several paths is best to take. These "Indigo Adults" may know many things without understanding exactly how they know. This gift has valuable purpose, and also can bring confusion for those have not come to fully understand their own gifts, or or loneliness for those who have not yet found meaningful connections with other highly attuned people.


    Being an Empath


    The empathic skill is a specific "subtle gift" which means you're attuned to the emotional energy of others around you or emotional fields that linger in a room after very emotional events. This talent allows for a deeply fulfilling level of connection and care, and is valuable in many fields of work such as medicine, therapy and marketing. Sometimes it can be overwhelming, even difficult to tell which feelings are your own and which emanate from someone else. Training to understand how to use and manage your gifts can be life-changing!



  • How do I know my child is highly attuned?



    Traits of Highly Attuned Children

    Children Who:

    • Are highly empathic and who appear to take on the feelings of others to the point where it may be detrimental to themselves
    • Simply express a sense of caring for the needs and feelings of others more than the average child
    • Take on physical symptoms of kids around them who are sick
    • Are exceptionally aware of tension and even try to mediate arguments between parents or friends
    • Become easily fatigued, exhausted or poorly behaved in airports, malls, and other crowded places
    • Have a tantrum, shut down or go to sleep at high emotional points in movies or TV shows
    • Seem to know exactly what other people are thinking or often have surprising insight into their underlying motives.
    • Recognize something that they haven’t seen before, remember things that haven't happened to them, or know a foreign language they have never been exposed to in their life.
    • As toddlers and preschoolers, will point and laugh or be frightened by “people” that others don't see (sometimes they speak about dead relatives they've never met). 
    • May have been diagnosed with ADD or ADHD and you are wondering if that's really the right way to think about their needs.
    • Are extremely sensitive to scratchy fabrics, fluorescent and bright lighting, or electromagnetic frequencies (emitted by cell phones, televisions and other technology).
    Any child may exhibit some of these behaviors at times, of course (even adults!). The fact that you've read this far indicates you're searching for answers, and if your child is (or you are) having subtle sense experiences you will probably recognize several of the situations listed above.
  • Success and Praise


    Attorney and

    Mother of Three Highly Attuned Children


    "At first, experiencing my child’s gift was terrifying for me, it was certainly not something that you read about in What to Expect When You’re Expecting. And I didn’t know who to ask questions of. Amy was gentle, practical, and down to earth, which for me was important. I had to work with Amy a lot to understand my daughter, to not have that pit in my stomach when something scary happened, and to learn to temper my response and ask questions instead of shutting down the discussion.

    My daughter used to say to me that she didn’t want to share that part of herself with me because she didn’t want to scare me. Now, we have an open and honest relationship. I can’t imagine how lonely it was for her during that period of time before I found Amy. I only wish I found her sooner."


    Mom and

    Licensed Counselor (M.A, L.P.C.)


    “I’ve always had these weird experiences that I didn’t feel comfortable sharing with anyone. There were times when I even wondered if I were crazy! But Amy knew exactly what I was talking about. She even had a language for the stuff that happened to me, and could put it into a context that made sense.


    Now I realize that I have a gift, like someone who is talented in math or music, and I can incorporate that into my work. My son has these gifts too and Amy helped me understand how his gifts work, which helps him in so many ways. I didn't realize before how this talent impacted his whole life!


    And I personally don’t feel so alone anymore. That’s one of the most positive life-changing things that has ever happened for me. I know now I'm a better model for my son because I understand how to use my gifts, and I have a much better idea of

    how to help him with his.”


    Mom and

    Corporate Regional Manager


    "My two year old son was waking up at 3:00 am screaming and refusing to go back to sleep every night for about two weeks. My chiropractor recommended Amy as someone who helps highly attuned children and said she could help me to help him.


    Amy was so kind and open that I immediately felt at ease. She was able to tell me exactly what was happening with him and gave us some ideas on how to remedy the situation. We followed her recommendations and on the first night afterwards my son slept peacefully in his bed all night. We haven’t had any issues since.


    Had I not spoken to Amy and received her guidance on how to handle this situation, I don’t know what we would have done! I so appreciate her insight and knowledge on guiding children that are highly sensitive and am so happy knowing she's available to help as he grows up.”



    Mom and

    Small Business Owner


    I wish we had found you twenty years ago for support with my son. He's an adult now and has been struggling with addiction for a long time. He certainly is a sensitive soul - the world has been too harsh for him, I believe. He's walking his path and finding his way, but I wonder if he would be in a different place now if we'd had this kind of guidance for him as a child.


    Real Estate Broker​

    I learned early that some things I saw and experienced made others nervous, so I began to keep those things to myself. I never actually forgot or shut down that part of my life which is extremely precious to me, but simply didn’t have people to share with. That left me feeling deeply lonely and left out but not knowing exactly why.

    I resented that sense of loss and separation until I found Amy. Then I finally had a companion and guide in my experiences and started to make sense of them. She helped me connect with others who had similar experiences, and I feel a sense of kinship with them!

    I could never explain how important it is to me to feel whole at last and to know I have places where I can talk about what I see and know, and how to sort out what’s real and valuable from what's not that important to act on.

    How could I figure all that out by myself?

    I found Amy in my fifties and hope many children will find “their Amy” before they grow up so they won’t have to be lonely and confused so long.


  • What We Do Together

    We can meet in person or by phone (my office is in northeast Georgia, USA). Once we connect, you can describe what's been happening for your child, how you're feeling about that, and what you hope for them. I will ask some questions and offer reflections for what might be going on. We can discuss how I can help, and I might offer some additional resources you can explore.


    You choose how many meetings you wish to have and what you'd like to discuss and address. I am an advocate for your child's happiness, and want to help create a family system that understands and values their gifts, and where they feel a sense of true belonging.


    Cost is about $125 per 90-minute session. I will be glad to meet with you initially for a free 20-minute consultation so we can determine whether I'm the best person to help.

  • About Amy

    My Background Includes:

    • Master’s Degree in Psychology: 
      State University of West Georgia
    • Board Certified Coach:
      Nationally Recognized CCE
    • Founder: Healing Presence -
      An Original Spiritual Healing Approach
    • Graduate: Value-Centered
      Business Development Programs
    • Vibrational Medicine and Mind-body Health:  Twenty-five Years.
    • Private Practice since 1997
    • Phone Sessions Across the United States.

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    A Message From Amy

    I have a special ability to understand the subtle sense gifts of others (both children and adults) and a calling to help each person develop their specific gifts and assist with any challenges that arise with those gifts. It's my passion to help you create an even more spacious family system that treasures the talents of all members.



    The heart transcends gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation
    and spiritual tradition. Standing Rooted welcomes all
    who honor
    truth and love.

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    I'd be honored to learn more about your child's experiences and your own hopes and concerns. Feel free to send me a message using the space below and we can talk about how I might best help you and your family. You can have a free consultation with no commitment, to learn more about how I can help. Please be assured that anything you share is entirely confidential.